Thursday, February 27, 2020

Developing a Professional Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Developing a Professional Philosophy - Essay Example From the discussion it is clear that most of the philosophers who were for the attachment theory thought that one’s security was a major factor in the relationships, the more secure one is, the more attached they become. The easiest way to know how much one is attached to someone is to know how you feel when you are away from them. It gives a clear indication about your feelings towards them. These were the discoveries of an early psychologist called Mary Ainsworth. She also came up with a technique that could be used to view the differences between attachments in children. The procedure was about exposing children to strange situations and then observes their behavior.This paper stresses that  the choice of models that people tend to admire differs. This depends on what values the person already has. The model is someone they consider attractive and powerful by their own standards. This means that the social-cognitive theory relies on information that had been priory attain ed. The values that the learner had got prior to the learning experience determine the type of model that they will choose to follow. Most people opt to choose models who they think are similar to them in most aspects. This makes it easier for them to try to imitate their behavior.  The main strength in skinners theories is that they rely on scientific tested and proven facts and not from speculations or word of mouth.

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